The advantages of having insulation in your home

Home insulation improves your homes desirability and sale value. It is now mandatory to have an energy performance certificate done before your property can go on sale or be let. Certain health conditions are aggravated by damp conditions that are common in homes that are not well insulated. Home insulation is an all round wise investment and all householders are being encouraged by the government to get their homes insulated. This is part of the governments drive to meet its climate change commitments.

Most insulation is thermal, especially the lofts. There are many different types of insulation but all are very effective at maintaining the heat in your home last a long time. Thermal insulation is very effective and will save you a lot of money on reduced bills. You will be doing your part for the environment too. Cavity Wall insulation and Loft Insulation are the two most efficient and effective energy saving measures available to all residents and are highly beneficial in that:

  • Achieve a handsome payback on your heating bills within a year.
  • Help save the environment by minimising your CO2 emissions.
  • Your home is warmer and condensation is greatly reduced.
  • The value of your home is increased as Cavity Wall insulation and Loft insulation are considered as home improvements.

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