How to make the most of your home space

Complaining about the lack of, or the need for more storage space is incredibly common. Nobody ever mentions having too much storage space.

The hidden secret to maximising storage space is to use the space you already have. By simply adding a few shelves, a small bookcase can transform existing space.

Here are 4 easy and affordable ways to make the most of your home space:

1.Make the most of hidden spaces

You have space under your bed, or a skirted sofa, or even in the cupboards you have. When searching for a bed, consider one with drawers or space underneath - this is a perfect way of maximising space! Fill the space with clothes, shoes, or anything else!

If your sofa has a skirt, then putting shallow boxes is a good way of storing DVDs, games, or blankets.

By adding shelves or compartments to your cupboards and drawers will allow you to categorise your storage too. More.

2.Coffee tables and storage side tables

When you purchase living room additions like coffee tables or side tables, look for ones with drawers or cupboards so that you can keep your living room tidy and organised.

3. Maximise space above your cabinets

Most of us treat this as dead space, but it can be great to store long-life cans, bottles, or trays! This will free up space in your cupboards.

4. Doors are storage spaces too

Doors are not just good for hooks to put your coats and jackets on, but you can put narrow shelves on the back of your doors - in your bathroom, for example - to de-clutter your surfaces and organise your space.

See some inspiration here.

Need even more space?

If you are looking to expand your living space on a larger scale, then a home extension or renovation is a good way to get the most out of your home.

Learn more about other home improvements you can do to add value to your home.

Most enhance sunlight by adding a conservatory, or you go for a more fully-blown extension.

There are a number of funding options to help with your renovation or extension projects. Funding your project with help from the top property development finance lenders can help you achieve the home of your dreams.

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