Planning Permission Drawings: Do You Need an Architect’s Assistance?

Many people are of an opinion that they can take lessons from the DIY articles spread on the web and do the necessary architectural drawings for getting planning consent. This notion is well supported by the Computer Aided Design (CAD) software applications that are easily available. However, many applications for planning consent are rejected for various loopholes in the architectural design. This is because planning permission drawings are often done in compliance with a standard set of guidelines that fall dissimilar to council-specific design criteria in many cases. On the other hand, there are some people who think planning consent is immaterial for construction of any sort, especially for extension and redevelopment undertakings.

Do I Need Planning Permission?

Planning consent is needed for any construction work, be it constructing a new house or office building from scratch or reconstructing the same. This is because the concerned councils intend to keep an eye on the construction undertakings only for the purpose of ensuring that no environmental, circumstantial and detrimental (to neighbours and adjacent constructions) impact is made. You can always talk to your local planning authority (LPA) to know whether you need a planning permission. However, this is almost predictable that they will give you an average ‘yes’ in response to your query. Just bear in mind that getting consent costs a whole lot of money. Therefore, you should not just submit and amateurishly completed drawing.

Do I Need an Architect?

Professional structural designers do not only have working knowledge of CAD software applications like AutoCAD etc, they are qualified architects who know precisely what kind of construction could be permissible and what is not. Only an architect with designing expertise can produce a winning drawing for you. These architects design and review a number of things so that the owners get the necessary permits easily.

  • Location plan: Planning permission drawings should ideally include location plans. The main construction site should be demarked with red colour and the adjacent roads should be marked or shaded in blue. Proper direction should be given.
  • Block plan: Block plan should include direction of North and proper demarcation of existing structures on the site. All the roads, buildings and vacant/unused lands surrounding the proposed construction site should be properly shown in the illustration. The position of trees and public access points need to be included in the same.
  • Floor plan: Complete floor plan along with elevations must be shown in this type of architectural drawing. Doors, windows and staircases should be drawn in detail. Even the building materials that are to be used should also be mentioned.

Structural designing is easier said than done. You need detailed measurement and proper drawing for getting consent for construction from your local authority.

For planning permission drawings, you should only rely on professionals who have years of experience in drawing these plans and have extensive familiarity with council-specific rules and regulations. You can find a planning permission architect online by searching on Google.

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