10 Tips for preventing rodent or insect infestations

During the winter, as nights draw in and temperatures drop, pests like rats and mice prepare their nests and look for warm places to hide from the cold.

Not only are those in the countryside affected, but city homes are also at risk of pest infestations, especially during the colder months.

Pest infestations are not only an inconvenience but a worry too. But there are a number of ways that you can help prevent infestation and keep those pesky mice away.

Here are 5 tips that can help prevent infestations in your home:

1.Keep things clean and tidy

Put food away in airtight containers, and make sure your dishes are kept clean when they are not being used.

Ensure that you routinely wipe surfaces to clean away crumbs or any small scraps of food that might attract pests.

Sweep, mop and hoover your kitchen regularly, and make sure that bins are cleared away and emptied regularly.

2. Keep pests out

You can prevent infestations by closing up gaps, cracks and crevices in interior and exterior walls.

Make sure your plumbing system is sealed and is not leaking to prevent pests coming in from the water source.

3. Vacuum regularly

Not only will hoovering keep your home clean, but it will help clear away those little bugs that aren’t as visible to the naked eye.

This will not guarantee the prevention of bugs, but it will help avoid severe infestations.

4. Keep everything dry

Pests love moist and warm environments. They are attracted to anything moist from spills to damp.

Make sure no stagnant water is left in sinks or baths, and that your plumbing system is not leaking.

5. Check seasonal clothes for signs of pests

Moths for example are suckers for jumpers and winter clothing. Make sure to store your winter garments safely and securely while you do not wear them.

If you are suffering from a moth problem, then it is important that you have the infestation treated professionally. See more.

What happens if I get an infestation?

If you have a rodent or insect infestation, do not ignore it. Here are 4 simple steps to follow if you suspect an infestation:

  1. Identify which kind of pest it is
  2. Clean your home as much as possible
  3. Call a professional team of exterminators to solve the problem safely
  4. Use our top 5 tips to help prevent infestations in the future

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