Upgrade your home

If you are a homeowner, who is looking to upgrade and improve their home, whether its to get your property ready to rent, sell or move in to, then you need to make sure you have these two areas covered; carpets and electrics.

Faulty electrics, plugs that don’t work and lights that won’t switch on alongside dirty and old carpets will make your home unattractive to any potential tenants or buyers.

Young homeowners are looking for modernised properties that function well and can easily fix up themselves. They will not be so much concerned with the colour of the walls, window coverings and even doors. This is because these all things that they can improve on with their own creative plans.

However, potential buyers and tenants will not be so lenient when it comes to carpets and electrics.

1. Carpet Cleaning

Take it from someone who has tried most store-bought carpet cleaners on the market - they’re not so great. In my experience, they do not remove stains or clean the carpets very well, but rather just make them smell fresher.

The only way my carpets have felt brand new is when I have hired and used professional carpet cleaners. They have helped get the toughest of stains out of my carpets, for example, red wine and have left them feeling brand new.

Carpet cleaners services are good for:

2. Electrical Contractors

Did you know that adding extra sockets to your home can actually add extra value? In the digital age, we live in our devices need to be consistently charged, and preferably close to wherever we are in our surroundings.

This has meant that homes need more outlets as we the average person has up to five devices that they need to be plugged in and charged every day.

Not only this but if you are considering selling or renting out your home then it is advisable to make sure your electrics are in perfect working order. This is for many safety reasons as well as being attractive to potential buyers and owners.

Finding a good electrician can be very difficult, especially near large cities. So, finding one to trust can be a big mission.

3. Other home improvements to consider

One of the most popular home improvements homeowners make are kitchen renovations. However, these can be very costly and will set you back at least £30,000.

To keep costs down and improve your home there are other areas you can look into improving that won’t break the bank. They are:

  • Landscaping your garden
  • Knock through rooms to make larger, open-plan spaces
  • Consider a loft conversion
  • Install solar panels
  • Fit your home with double-glazing
  • Upgrade central heating systems and boilers