Are ants overtaking your home?

An ant infestation is scary and always unexpected. All of a sudden they emerge, leading homeowners to question where did they come from and why are they appearing now?

Insects like ants are always looking for shelter, food and water, so even if you have never had an issue with ants in the past, there’s always the chance you’ll encounter an infestation someday.

But why does it happen in the first place? Let’s find out…

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Ants are trying to find a food source

When there’s a sudden ant infestation it’s very likely that there is food somewhere in your house that calls to them.

Opportunistic feeders will eat anything. But do prefer the sweeter things, which include:

  • Sugar, syrup and honey
  • Fruit juice, breadcrumbs and rubbish that come into contact with these items
  • Meat and fats

Once ants become aware of this open food source, their colony will begin to form long trails, which can include thousands of ants, which alert them to this food source. This chemical trail of pheromones will need to be broken to stop them from coming.

The weather can affect it too

Periods of heavy rainfall, or very hot, dry conditions seem to form a link between ants and an infestation. This might be because they have found a source of water in your home, or avoiding wet conditions.

Access to water is part of a colonies survival

A small pool of water can quench an ant’s thirst for long periods. The better the water source and the more reliable, the closer the colony will come to your home. High moisture areas are for example, under sinks, fridges and doors.

Therefore, you should check these areas to ensure that you are keeping your home pest-free and safe from unwanted infestations.

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